Raunak Kasera




Raunak is primarily focused on sourcing and analyzing new investments and working with Morpheus portfolio companies to achieve hyper-growth.


Raunak is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to build the future of infrastructure software and application platforms. He spent his one-year deferral/leave of absence from his MBA working at three Bay Area venture capital firms. Previously a product manager and a software engineer, Raunak is excited to partner with creative engineers & designers to achieve product-market fit and go-to-market fit, especially in the growth stages of development. His primary focus areas are enterprise software, vertical SaaS, and robotic process automation.


Investor at Morpheus Ventures


Before joining Morpheus Ventures, Raunak was a product manager at Microsoft, owning the product lifecycle of dual-screen phones and tablets. He also moonlighted as a senior associate at Baidu Ventures, investing in AI and RPA startups. He has developed software for retail and sales infrastructure platforms at Amazon and Salesforce and has had fun recruiting engineering talent at Human Capital.

When not reading cases and scouting for student founders for Pear VC during his MBA at Harvard Business School, he plays in amateur basketball leagues. He disappears into YouTube for hours – a vice responsible for his incongruously deep knowledge of pop culture.

He earned an MS in computer science from Stanford, where he was a DFJ Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellow and an Ignite fellow at the business school. Outside of his coursework there, he taught computer science and led a social impact incubation project while embarrassing himself at golf and improv theater.