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Morpheus Ventures is a venture capital fund that invests in early stage companies and helps them avoid traditional roadblocks on their path to hyper-growth. Our CEOs affectionately refer to us as their “wartime consiglieres”… because our team is made up of specialists across various disciplines that can serve as professional fixers when sh*t hits the fan. Do you have that one friend you can call Friday at midnight when you need real help? That’s us; we’re experts at navigating times of crisis, from inception through all phases of growth.

Consider the biggest roadblocks that can derail a company as they scale. The way we see the world, is gone are the days when startups simply have a clear easy path from Series A to unicorn status. Something or someone tries to block their path – a competitor, regulator, customer, rogue employee, or attorney general. That’s where we come in. We’re a team of ex-operators, specialists, engineers, legal experts, and former CEOs trained at startup hand-to-hand combat, and we’re here to help.

What our CEOs Say…

The Morpheus Secret Sauce…

Fueling Hypergrowth

Given our team’s extensive operating expertise we have deep industry connections and the ability to help companies scale through hypergrowth. We fuel our companies growth with everything from C-suite recruitment to operational support to introducing numerous large prospective customers. 

IP Strategy & Protection

We have expertise in developing and implementing IP strategies to help our start-ups to achieve significant technological moats and ward off IP theft and competitors.

Hostile Competitors, Litigation & Legal Support

Top Tier VCs and PE funds send our team their golden goose companies under attack, to guide them through potentially crippling events and legal scenarios that derail companies.

Crisis Management

Our team of specialists are professional fixers for complex situations, guiding our companies through any crises as they scale, thereby greatly increasing the probability for large exit outcomes for our entrepreneurs and LPs.