Morpheus Newsletter – March Edition

Welcome back to the Morpheus newsletter from our respective home offices, dining rooms, and kitchens. We hope everyone is staying safe and out of harm’s way in the face of Covid-19. Our team embraces grand challenges and we are still working hard to assist our portfolio companies as well as sifting out opportunities that will no doubt arise from this crazy time.

Our community is here to help

Several companies we partner with have tools and services that will help other companies, and the broader communities transition in this time of chaos. We are happy to make any introductions to individuals or companies that are looking to collaborate on projects to provide assistance to everyone, including the healthcare industry that is working tirelessly to combat Covid-19. Please get in touch.

Starship Technologies is now offering free deliveries to NHS (National Health Service), we are so grateful for these front-line workers. Awesome news! The company is also planning to deploy resources to focus on delivering groceries and other vital essentials to neighbourhoods they already serve as demand increases tied to the pandemic.

Wire is providing a simple, secure and agile solution for teams to seamlessly transition to working from home. if you are looking for a collaboration tool that has all the necessary features to get you up and running quickly, please check them out. 

Australian based SafetyCulture has launched some new tools to help individuals and companies stay on top of Covid-19 related safety issues. They’re also providing free six month access to iAuditor premium and SafetyCulture products to our Healthcare, emergency, education and volunteer workers who are playing a vital role in our communities to bring the pandemic under control.

Vicarious is renting out robots that can perform Human jobs during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Get ready for the robot age and the new world of automation!

💰 Spotlight on Australia’s latest unicorn

We are very excited to announce that SafetyCulture has closed its Series D financing round led by TDM Growth Partners. See full article here

❤️ Founder love

Rigetti (our latest quantum computing investment), has been awarded an $8.6 million Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) grant to develop a full-stack system with proven quantum advantage for solving real-world problems. The company will be collaborating with NASA and USRA to develop a superconducting quantum processor, hardware-aware software, and custom algorithms based on real-world scenarios. Well done!
Exciting times for WireThe company has been ranked #2 in the 2020 Top Software Products for Internal Communications. In addition, SC Media shortlisted Wire as “Best Emerging Technology” – recognizing the innovative capabilities of their solution in addressing the security needs facing organizations today. Keep kicking goals Wire!
 expands its operation in Milton Keynes, UK. “Starship Technologies is proud to be serving Milton Keynes for two years of commercial operations, and we recently expanded into covering central Milton Keynes, opening up the service to an extra 180,000 people. The expansion was prompted by the demand and success of the company’s service in other areas across Milton Keynes, including Monkston, Emerson Valley and Bletchley,” via Robotics and Automation News:
KPRC, a Houston based publisher, wrote an amazing segment on how Sidecar Health is reducing health insurance costs with new innovation. Check out the feature.

Morpheus Team